Monday, October 31, 2005

What in the hell is .versatile.svb.vlog?

Good question.
But probably you are clicking around, already on the videos and not really waiting for an answer, trying to avoid reading endless text. I know I would do that. If I want to read something I read a book.
But nevertheless, I am supposed to provide an answer. So,
".versatile": well, just search it in a monolingual dictionary.
".svb": sound visuals boredom
".vlog": video blogs (ok, ok, you knew that!!!)

But even the explication of the name tells you something? Errr... No. Not much at least. I never had the talent of making myself clear thru words.
Back to the point. What’s this vlog about?
Well, as I am meddling within the multimedia field (well, I actually am a student in a new media school) and have so many experimental and tutorial and "what does this button do?" creations I though to make use of them. How? Show them to the world. Share your work. Global village. And all that crap.

So here you are. Hope you enjoy it.

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