Thursday, November 24, 2005

Light my box

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I am very excited about this project. Above there is a sketch, a raw draft of a lightbox. Why a lightbox?

I am initiating a project called ".sub.tile" (or "Tabu"? Or ".sub.peek"?). The end product is an exhibition of comic artist (Robin Kipp) that will take place in March/April in Romania, in a small gallery in Arad. The lightbox will be the way of displaying his work. The light box will have two different layers. The front layer will hide part of the background layer and the viewer will have to move around, to peek, to spy, to discover what is hidden behind the first layer.
The example above its only a preview of how the 3D effect would be realized. I am only at the beginning of the project and I have more questions then answers. But work, motivation and time (well, and the right people actually) will help me put this puzzle together.
Oh, and loads of luck!

Now click it! Click it! Click it!

P.S. And, the date? I didnt ask. Actually don't see the point to it. Or just call me .sub.chicken. cotcotcot codac!!!

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