Friday, November 18, 2005

Tally Weijl Movie Award goes to...

click to view. Size: 2 MB

We produced this movie (me and a colleague student of mine, Phil) for a video contest. We don't know yet of we won, well, not even if we were selected to enter the competition (of course we are!), but we hope for the best.

Was a great project to do. We were very enthusiastic about and still are. We did the script and filmed it together. Editing involved both of us. Music was done by Phillip (and he did a great job. Maybe I will post the full song one day) and I did the most of the postproduction and the logo animations.

Wanna give a THANK YOU shout to Deea (the girl in the video) for being our star/friend/sclave. Did a great job and hope to work in this team again.

Now click on the damn movie and "eeeenjoooooooy".

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