Monday, May 15, 2006

never stop playing... with yourself

A friend... Well, he is not really a friend, but just a guy I know and admire, said once in his vlog "Never stop playing". Just wanted to add "... with yourself".

Other things that should try
at least once in this life time:
Bake a bread
Bungee jumping
Threesome or more
Live in another country
Plant a tree
Ride an elephant
See the earth from above
Sleep a night in a museum (ok, that's not really, but I also did that one)
Send an angry but logic mail to a stoopid president
Learn swiss-german (that's a bitch)
Travel were u never dreamed/think to go
Drink an Arabian blowjob (its a cocktail!!!!)
Not sleep for 48 hours
Risk all
Ride a "ghost" train
Jump from an airplane
Learn do drive a motorbike (learn to drive in my case...)
Meet an alien
Cross the mountains in a balloon
Japanese horror movie marathon
Have a blog (and keep it updated... )
Make a home made porn movie (and put it on the blog... ?)

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