Wednesday, November 22, 2006

relax under some warm creamy hands

A comment on one of my last entries "tribute to Henzmann" was: "Oh, he can also do a bit of animation. Great!". And that was a sarcastically remark. So, maybe to open a door its not a much of an animation, but hey, don't sharpen ur teeth on me :P.
So, ambitioned by that remark, I post now 6 of 8 movies I produced for a cosmetics saloon. The idea with this movies was: the customers lay's on the comfortable bed. Above the bed, projected on the ceiling there is played an animation (which he chooses in advance) to help him relaxed while the cosmetician can go on and do her job.

Question: does that really helps u relax more. Well, lets just say I cant wait for my next cosmetic appointment (to see my own movies... ?!?) and be caress by those soft hands and refreshing creams and fall asleep under the warming spinning sun (its winter here!!!). So yes! it does work!

Now, what about "me" animation skills? Ha. :)

The last bubble animation its done by a fellow student.
The rest are fully self produced.

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.lulu said...

mhhhmmmmm....poate aia cu soarele fiindca-mi place culoarea...