Friday, November 03, 2006

Tribute to Desseanu

I bet that name doesn't say much for most of you (99.9%). The guy was a poet. but the tribute is for the street, the house that is on that street. the movie is around 5 years old or so. Filmed one day, made in another one. So fasted produced.

I tend to grow on places I live and departing them was always hard even if I am was quite nomadic till now. And a way in which to preserve them its thru a tiny image tribute. So I don't forget a place, or that bit of me that remained there.

As pathetic it might seem today, even for me, it still has a resonance. Of the last place I called home.

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.lulu said...

Sa stii ca desseanu a adunat multe amintiri frumoase, si desi nu am fost o prezenta constanta in casa aceea, m-a cuprins un sentiment de nostalgie urmarind filmul realizat impreuna cu Roxana..
...amintirile lasa un parfum amarui frumos in urma lor...