Wednesday, March 21, 2007

judge me

For a month or so I started to take my time surfing and finding new blogs. That's probably to compensate for the lack of books. The last books I bought in January I've red them at begging of February. From then on I'm stuck on a Romanian FOCUS GROUP manual that I just cant get myself around to finish it. Its damn interesting but there is something about me reading books with a theme that acts as a warm milk glass in the evening. Any theme like: "The emotional intelligence", "CSS for Dummies", "The History of Typography", "Greek cooking","How to poison without trace", "Your work colleague its an alien", "Web2.0","This will never happen to you", "10 rules of simplicity", "Good Doggie, Bad Doggie", "User instructions of the Trimming machine 3000GuSuperTAlpha" etc etc, just does that. They just end up next to my bed, half finished, making me feel guilty every time I want to start reading something fictional something exciting, something about people and what they do and stuff. So there I am. Reading blogs instead of recognized literature.

I have a couple of blogs I like to follow. But I just realised everybody's life looks darn interesting as long as I have the freedom to imagine how they look. The moment I realize that the witty, cheeky, sparkling of energy and humour blogger its over 40 and has rabbit teeth, uups I don't care that he had a trauma about his dog killed by the ice-cream van or that he eats raw things (please do let ur imagination flow)

So, I beg you Anonimu', BEG YOU! Don't ever, ever show a picture of yourself! Or have a flicker account! Or have a face!

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