Tuesday, March 27, 2007

things that you should never say to your male straight assistant

"Good morning honey"
even if u call everybody honey

"Share is love"
but not when u share a beer

"Me: - Look, we have the same shirt almost.
Him: - yeah, lets talk in advance to avoid this"
that was his call. but makes me feel guilty as I would have said it!

"... and then, I screamed like a little girl and I started running like a chicken"
this is useful for getting more respect from your co-worker

"Want me to lick your cigarette too?"
He was saying that his cigarettes were dry. And I have a thing about licking my cigarettes. nothing sexual!!! Anyhow, what can be sexual in licking a cigarette? A cigar maybe, but a tiny fragile cigarette??? Puah!

"Him: -We can do it together sometimes.
Me: - That sounds romantic!!!... No."
it was about a German test.

"Now that you are sweet and buttery can I ask u a personal question?"
not even after he eat an chocolate croissant. You just don't do that.


AW said...

LOL, breh, LOL!
Cafea pe monitor again. I can imagine his face...

soldatelul de plumb said...

try not to scare him to much. if you will take him easy he can be your "male gay assistant". :)

.raoul said...

ahahaahaha.. ahem... ah... no.
I am a professional gay man walking on to my early 30's with a corporate ideology and a serious attitude towards the projects arhitecture and I would not jeopardize the future of the project because of such trivial things.

Ok, fine. With some exceptions. But he is not one!

godwyns said...
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godwyns said...

Well, at least these are good clearer lines on how to date/approach those 'beautiful' guys one walks into/across... hehe

But I dont think it wise to date colleagues; though love may sprung anywhere but (one need) Beeeeeware!!!