Thursday, April 26, 2007

No. I am not gonna bring my videocam at the first date.
No, I am not willing to have sex also with your fat and old boyfriend.
No, I am not gonna come over for dinner if you keep eating with the mouth full and kiss like a horse (despite your smooth but trained body...).
No, Im not willing to piss on you.
Nope, not letting the door open especially that my flat mate could walk in any time.
No way that I'm gonna wait for somebody that is never here (grow up).
No, I am not wearing the same underwear for one week (maybe if you pay but then no personal contact).
No, I am not sniffing that.
No, that is not large... by faaaaaaar not large!
No way I am wearing that.
No way I'm gonna keep dating you, boring peasant from middle country Switzerland even if you lost 20 kilos and look smashing.
No, the dog can not stay in the room!!!

With so many no's in my life NO wonder I am still alone.


Anonymous said...

Bine ca nu vrei sa te pisi pe mine! m-am relaxat :))

.raoul said...

mda, linku la rusoaica e:

Steven said...

So... what are you going to do?

Lma said...

i do not think that it is not possible not to find another "No!No!" guy anytime you no what i mean? :)

Lucas said...

at least you know how to say no, not to fullfil the dreams or fill in the loneliness of the other. thats what makes you so alive and aware and good looking:-))) the hug therapist

.raoul said...

steven: get a wife, ugly and a bit stupid, and have two kids with her.

lma: totally. agreed. but then... whouldnt you say that? you 'no!?!

lucas: thank you