Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One day I have to remember this. I have to remember that you don't fail but u have a draw back. and in the actual context it is only a minor draw back. In saying this I have to remember that the following list took time and loads of work, and eye pouches that I am not ashamed of it (and that don't go away with any cream!!!! but maybe with some more sleep).

the achieving list:
- good ground project concept that raises immediately interest (just our school director still doesn't get it)
- a team of 11 people and still growing
- sociological team (3 students) plus the support of the Institute of Sociology
- a great internet platform
- a proud (and cool) internal coach.
- a very high feedback from the my high quoted external coach from Germany (which I only saw once in my life but that I updated as I update my blog... but surely more efficient )
- not much of what can you call a love life
- a sponsor that everybody calls it the "golden fish"
- a great friend that lets me sleep while he performs, with his magical hands, a Feldkreis "lesson" (you might refer to him as "not Lulu" or the guy that plays piano at his not piano)
- invitation to 2 universities (one ins Tessin and the other one in Bern) in CH to present my project once it is finished
- a great diploma assistant. when he is here :P
- a generative logo
- a class of participants specialized in video productions from Graz AU (where I might consider to apply for masters... hehe... I try to be an early bird for once...)
- a new room with a party girl (you might refer to her as DJ Peel) that will initiate me in all those illegal parties going on around here :))))))) )
- learned how to approach people without the fear of refusal. cause who cares. there are another 10 waiting to be contacted
- a cute puppy eating in his sleep an imaginary bone (or puke... !?!)

yeap, till now 2007 was a good year. and I'm still kicking asses. And in need for some sleep. NOW!

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