Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sometimes it feel that my diploma project its just another summer camp. Sometimes it feels I prefer to be one of them, the observed then the observer. Sometimes it gets scary when you observe them, in their working group, and you find yourself, in that macho-stupid-pushy-fake-guy-that-can-not-make-any-compromise or the i-wanna-say-something-but-nobody-listens-and-feel-so-weak-that-wanna-run.

Sometimes I think I don't wanna know so much about human nature. And then again cant wait for the next day, to stay in my corner, and to observe, watch, analyze, judge, criticize, evaluate, interpret, examine, survey, contemplate, perceive, attend. Big brother can get better... and instead as study case, observational sessions or qualitative analyze we could just call it human zoo.

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