Friday, August 31, 2007

It is a wonder how can a straight man handle so much pressure, so much uncertainty. Did she liked it? did she really liked it? did she like it to much? what if does she is thinking already about marriage now? and kids?... or did she faked it? did I play enough with the nipples? did she mind I brought a friend? what about that thing with the tongue? did she she liked it? was all that screaming faked?
I would go crazy!!!

It so much more easier with guys. If he comes, smiles and then he is asking for my name and my phone number than its clear. He likes me!


Lma said...

you a woman, you sometimes ask yourself the exact same questions :)

Jeriko said...

name, phone number, sex. and does he like me after? big questions always come after, huh? so you play it a little hard for the str8 guy, but who care about PI. It is just a number, afterall :)