Monday, September 10, 2007

Austrians are rude

The last big event on my list is over. Well, will be over on Tuesday, but for me is over as I'm home, sober and full of new ideas and images.

Ars Electronica, the festival of art, technology and life style in Linz, a festival I mentioned before, was... nice. And hosted some great artists! But the festival, itself and the logistics behind it was entirely disappointing. There was a great confusion at most of the info desks thanks to whom we missed on some of the events. We didn't get our badges but by luck we got badges of some other people (which actually allowed us to enter all of the events even if my name was Thomas Pheli...). Further more, the main performance event "Visualisierte Linzer Klangwolke" was only a village play dress in uber technology but which even missed to visually enchant the viewers. I mean, african drum players, local amateur theater and sentences as "Ironically, the event takes place on a river, symbol of passing time" makes my eyes roll and my gut hurt thinking of all the money went on projections on buildings, helicopter flying over, the impressive sound system and a huge ship as a stage in the middle of Danube. As Ben Hibbon (prize winning animation works) was saying: "Without a good story you risk to destroy the whole production".
Plus austrians are simply RUDE. But, as a friend of mine was saying "After CH anything anywhere seems rude".

So, now that I've put most of my negative energy out of my system I can concentrate on the good things. And I just want to start with Justine Cooper and her magic blue pill.

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