Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Something over 20

Dear GEM (General Event Manager),
Dear Mi5 (Mexican Intelligence Schick),
Dear AC (Affair Coordinator)

I know that its now fair from my side to ask you to understand this, and even if I know the idea comes from the depth of your heart please understand: I do not want any fair well party/dinner/gathering/event.
The little time that I have left in this country of high cold mountains of cheese and lovely low build old cities have to be as I would go on and live here forever, a normal and a bit unchallenged life. And thats not because I want to stay now, in the last moments of my swiss exploration, but because if the hardest to say goodbye to you, to my friends that made most of my staying here wonderful.
So please, let me imagine that I go home, for Xmas, as I went all those other years, in a simple, 2 weeks winter holiday.
So no goodbye,
but see you for lunch, one day, at the Blue Fox were our little group can gossip about your husband and his printing adventures, your romantic latin dream with the hot singer, trinidadian beaches and rum and artsy fartsy events.

Cause we always gona be a bit over 20.

(currently eating oranges)


Anonymous said...

Hai breh, ma faci sa plang. Cu gluma aia cu "am plecat in vacanta". Si daca tu pleeeeeeeeeeeeci eu cuuii ramaaaaaaaaaaaaaan? (si sper ca ai plecat din .ro dupa ce a facut furori maneaua asta)

robert said...

:( that is so sad