Friday, November 16, 2007

in betweens

Can't wait to go.
To be home, sa fie Craciunul, to arrange my rooms to fit my needs and to hear my mother yelling somewhere on somebody. To be bothered by the nephew, to be always late and to always travel by cab. To get to listen to the problems of my sister. And to fight with my mother. To see Lulus new flat. To hope to see K_t at Zet so we could both remember how away is she now. To have a glass of tea at KF. And maybe to work there as a bartender. To dream of a very near Canada. To greet people on the street every 5 minutes. And to stop and smile at a random corner and a random memory. To start going to gym again.

Can't wait to stay.
With Pedro. Podcasting with Annette. To have a weekly long healing hug from Lucas. At the Kabar. Drunk at CrushBoys. To sleep in the train. To shop in Germany. To have a last before bed cigarette with Pedro and to tell him that everything will be fine. To dream of a far away Canada. To hate my room. To climb till my fingers hurt. To see Roughy again. To not have a family.

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AW said...

Uai, tu chiar pleci....:(