Sunday, November 11, 2007


As per last European suicidal statistics Switzerland came on a very high place.
As a reaction the ruling dwarfs of Switzerland (Bundesrat) instituted a emergency motion that obliges all the private business and small offices to not be higher than 2 m. All the buildings owners are oblige till May 2008 to reduce the high of all the rooms to this particular hight. The main problem will represent stair cases. Around 100 interior designers and architects were hired, on the expense of the state, to find creative solutions for those locations.

The law also mentions that the modifications of apartments inhabited by swiss citizens has a higher priority than the ones inhabited by foreigners. Excepts finish, french and dutch as they also came higher on the list plus they are members of the EU.

for more informations about the SPL (Suicidal Prevention Law) and the stats (per 1000 inhabitants) can be found here.

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