Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year

Finally! This year is fucking done.

Was a full year, a good, but nevertheless good year. Done everything that I wanted:
- finished my diploma with a grade over 5.2
- had a great diploma project (involving loads of people)
- been to: Documenta 12, ArsElectronica, Biennale Venice
- lived in Basel
- had a good social life
- moved back in Romania
- worked my ass off
- learned to like beer
Plus add ons: I have met Pedro. Pedro... I miss Pedro.

Well maybe I didnt do so much sport as I wanted but hey, I started climbing so, voila, that should cover it.

Now, hmmm, the new year...
- learn french (go to France to perfect it)
- get the english exam
- go to Canada (that can also happen in 2009 but thats the aim)
- visit CH as much as I can
- have more clients from CH (that means have a good amount of money till I get to Canada)
- do a online portofolio
- smoke less
- have a good life rhythm in Romania
- get a 6pack (that sounds so lame!!!)
- take it easy

So. There it is. Probably is the first time I do a written resolution and even so I think it sounds lame. Or it is just the fact that... Well, there is nothing that challenging on that list... ? Should I make it more challenging?

No! This is in a way my timeout year so! I will get back on the horse in 2009.


Later edit.

Well. Would like to add on that list.
- dont slap my mom's dog if he chews on my fluffy animals (just hold him dont and say NO BAD IDIOTIC DAMN DOGGIE!!!)
- wanna make a 6a on indoor climbing. (but I dont really have where to climb here... well not indoor anyhu.)


Lucas said...

leopards are faster than horses

wish you what ever it need to be you!

Warmthest Hugs I can give
Lucas (notyetlulunotyet!)

.lulu said...

Remember Aunt Josephine's words: Grammar is the greatest joy in life...:). Can't help my self correcting the grammatical errors, allthough I know we are all full of them. erare humanum est.

k. said...

hey, just let me know of your plans with canada. you've got my email, right? anyway, YM will do for a start...

Jeriko said...

Hey, good luck!