Wednesday, January 16, 2008

making up our mind

Pedro: What about 1317?
Me: Neh, its non smoking.
Pedro: Anyhow we can not smoke in Berlin bars. So at least to rent something where we can smoke. But 512 its smoker!
Me: Looks cool, but its a bit far.
Pedro: 632?
Me: I am not paying that much. What about 675. Smoker, bit far but on the main U and S-Bahns, very stylish and with a view to a kids park.
Pedro: But we dont have kids!
Me:... But looks nice... Thats the first bed I see and want to sleep in!!! Couch is also full of possibilities :)
L. : What about 342. Smoker. Good priced, close to one of the S-Bahns. Looks nice.
M: Looks nice? Ahem. Pedro style maybe. And its not that good located. We do 7 stations! With the stylish one only 6 stations plus is on more than one important U and S lines.
L: But I like the blue one... Plus the stylish apartment is on the ground floor:)
M: And kids will attack you?
L: Yes.
M: Fine. Blue one then.
L: What about 563?
M: 563? Looks nice... ups booked the blue one. Finished. Go to bed!


Lucas said...

so no smoking would make it easier to make up minds? :-)))

.raoul said...

but less fun :D