Wednesday, February 13, 2008


No, I didnt go to see Tilda Swinton's movie. No, I didn't go to Madonna's either (even if that would have been a chance to finally see Madonna in person) or to Penélope's. I didn't see either "There will be blood" even if I would have like to see it before anybody else.
Cause I specially went to movies that I might never get I chance to see anywere else. And we started with

I picked the movie based on his name... Superficial, I know, but as a child I had a vinyl record with a story about a lake mermaid that searches revenge on her loved prince that pushed her to suicide by drowning. Beautiful story... (if somebody still has it please let me know)
Even if the movie had little to do with the story I was hopping to see on the big screen I still loved it. Directed and written by a second comer at the bear festival, Anna Melikyan, the story is a about a girl, coming from a village at the sea, that believes, based on a series of absurd coincidences,that she has the power to make here wishes come true. As one of her wishes comes true, by living the village, she is confronted with the capitalistic reality of Moscow. And a soft obsessing teenage love.

The imagery of the movie is stunning, the humor subtile and fresh. Her decision not speak any more at a very early age (even if it was a recurring theme in other 2 movies within the festival!!!) opens the oportunity of a fine communication trough visuals and reflection through secondary characters.
The main actress playing Alisa, Mariya Shalayeva shines her role from within. The young Alisa and her view and attitude on life morality (Anastasiya Dontsova) will make you feel guilty for any broke promise done to any child you knew.

Its a movie that will haunt you, so that in the moment you leave the projection room the world will seem as disstorsed by a watter mirror.

I think this will be one of the few foreign movies that will make it on the crowded market of international movies. And if it will I will be there fighting again for the ticket!!!

Sadly I could only find the movie poster.

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.lulu said...

imi pare rau ca te-am trezit de am crezut ca o sa te trezesti...:(