Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No reservations

And as nobody had offered to give me a papaya...
I just watched the disputed Romanian episode of Anthony Bourdain (thanks to Stingoo).
There have been many discussion surrounding the show. Loads of people (mainly romanians) have been blaming him of not showing the best of Romania. Furthermore that the episode was trying to show the worse of Romania. I think it was just funny. And realistic. And not a glamorous pamphlet found in a random travel agency.

But as Luana says , "We romanians are allowed to revile our own country as much as we desire but God protect if others do."

I also mention this episode for Pedro. Cause he will be coming to Romania in less then 2 weeks!!!!! hihi :D

*the show is made of 6 parts. The other parts can be found on Youtube.

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