Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dumb car

Whatever I do, wherever I am and at whatever I work I am just simply anxious. No matter how many breathing exercises (as in smoking) or how many beautiful images I try to think of I am always a ball of stress. There no way I can get rid of this feeling of anxiousness. I would stress myself for the simple fact that I did post to letter for Annette yet, or that the design of stupid unimportant presentation is based on a template (but still looks ok!).
So, now I got a totally new reason the Ka (its a Ka cause its not really a "Kar" yet). So lets think about it. Did I really lock the doors? Did I activate the park break? Did I turn off the headlamps? Did I left anything of value in the car? Did I parked it well enough? But did I... well you get the idea. And this is when the car is sitting quietly parked on the side of the street.

Thanks God I do not have time to worry about other things while driving. Cause then I will probably never move the Ka one inch. Ever! In neither direction!

Please somebody just give me a Valium! Or two.

P.S. Fuck, I forgot to fold the side mirror.

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.lulu said...

I keep saying but it seems that it's never enough..relax!!!. If you would take things easier maybe you wouldn't be such a stress ball....or a control freak (like me)..