Thursday, April 03, 2008

I will be your lab rat

Gosh another test! Fine, it told me what I knew already which is good, especially that it made accept that yeah, I am a team worked... till a certain point.

You find the test here!


The team members could decide their own time table with the restriction of organizing it in 4 hours working blocks and to finish the task within the 48 working hours total.

You seem to match the flexible team working style. You prefer a planned, yet adaptable working schedule. That means that you like a schedule of 8 working hours per day but with the condition that you can start working later than planned and have longer breaks. That is also due to the fact that you like to switch between different tasks quite often while working - if not you loose your interest and motivation.
Your tendency is to be an independent person. You see the team only as a tool for doing the tasks that are not part of your responsibility but are still part of the final product. Also because of that you are a hands-on person, preferring not to discuss too much the ideas but to directly start implementing them. This is also influencing the decisions that depend of the team consent. You prefer this decisions to be spontaneous, to deal with them when the time comes and not necessarily before.
The final product is a result of the team, but each member of the team worked separately on its product segment. At the end of the week the segments were optimized together.

P.S. The movies are also cute... ;)

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