Thursday, April 10, 2008

Longest letter

Annette and me kind of decided to not keep a digital contact but to try out a more older method of communication. As in writing art of posted letters. Which developed from normal paper to stolen restaurant menus, beer napkins, ripped magazine articles, post its and so on. But of course Annette had to bring it to another level and to bless me with a long long letter on tape. And so proclaiming herself the coolest ever alternative material writing letters shit.
But just wait and see when Im gonna put my creative underwear on (that part gives me ideas!) !

P.S. I miss you!


Andreea89 said...

that's really cool!!!

Lucas said...

spent some time with HOMER yesterday at the Antique Museum in Basel...more than 2000 years ago, there where no letters nor letters...just the spoken word. or singers singing stories to each other. as if we pretend talk to each other in a chatroom is for real...till you see the real person...and think huuuu rather boring, or very good smelling or even better nice smile.