Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A gulp of reality

"So, what did the client say? When is the deadline set?"
"Was suppose to be yesterday"

You hear that at the working place more than you hear "Good morning". Yes, finally I am "normal" after some standards (mom's standarts). I have a job. I've proved myself, negotiated what they call a good salary for Romania (still miserable. I would not survive from this salary and I dont really care that others survive from less!!!) and I will start working (Yesterday???) on the 10th of June. But was working already for the last two weeks. Early mornings, skipped lunch breaks, late afternoon, evening, weekends. All included like in a hotel. Just the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign is not.

I am not sure I can actually do this. I am convince I dont want too but I ran out of reasons of not doing it. And the pressure of others standards is getting to me.

I guess I better just set up my alarm clock on 6.

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