Thursday, May 01, 2008

How to become a maniac

Being in a Youth leadership program in Sweden with around 27 participants we started to play a game that would go on for the whole time that we are here.

And Estonians came up with the killer game.
It goes like this:

Each player receives a piece of paper with a target. For example:
Ricardo receives: "Paula. Kill her by making her role a cigarette for you"
Raoul receives: "Analise. You have to kill her by making her run 100 meters"
Paula receives: "Ioana: You have to kill Ioana by making her shout her name"
Salvatore receives: "Raoul. You have to kill Raoul by making him bark in his own language"
Ghunda receives: " Ricardo. You have to kill Ricardo by making him make at least one push-up"

and so on.

Once Ricardo killed Paula he gets her target (Ioana). If Ghunda kills Ricardo gets his new target (Ioana) plus the paper with the killed target (Paula). And so on.

Now some thing are easy to do. But to make Analise run 100 meters was a hardcore difficult one. For this I organized a whole event on the international evening where I explained that a Romanian tradition makes couples run around 100 meters. The couple that wins is gratified by the village with a piece of land (a good start for a new family in the country side). So to reconstruct that, the participants had t run 100 meters. Now, from each country had to be choose one representative. For this each country had a pile of tickets with the names of the countries participants. Just for Italy all the tickets carried the name of Analisa (buahahaha)
Now can you imagine 8 couples running 100 meters, facing each other and trying to imitate a romanian dance step. Just to kill Analisa (say that with a strong heartly italia accent and you will feel how delicious the feeling was)

Yep, Analisa was dead. And I got from her Etiene paper, Rita's paper and Ricardos.

Sadly, even the best of us had to go. Got around 7 victims till I was persuaded to demonstrate how a dog barks in romanian (ham ham) and ... Bum... Raoul was dead...


* pictures will follow.

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