Thursday, May 08, 2008

I think the main occupation of a Romanian is to wait. Wait at the grocery shop, wait at the cashier, wait in line for tickets at the theater, wait in traffic, wait for your beer, wait to yell at the waitress, wait to pay your phone bill, wait for the train to come, waiting for a phone call, waiting for a client to send you the logo, wait for the internet to work, wait for the train to leave, wait at the post, waiting for the worse, waiting for the boredom to go away, wait for something to happen.

But on the other side, you would think we are calm, stoic people because of this eternal waiting. Neh, if you stop and observe the romanian people in their natural environment you would think that they are always under the tightest timeline for their 30000000000000000 thousand trillion euro customer account. Good, romanian people like to look busy and be stressed while waiting for something. Anything.
Just something
to happen.

I waited for a potential employer for one hour and I think its time just to just go.

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