Wednesday, June 11, 2008

back home

Probably this is one of the longest time that I didnt post anything new since I have my blog. There was no particular reason behind it, it just... slipped my mind, as any no urgent unimportant things like watering the plants, keeping contact with whomever or taking care to not over spend.

Im back home now, this time in Arad, and started to work at this job which I am not really excited about and Im curious how long will I keep doing it. Probably once started Im just will keep going on till something will happen.
Its a mind emptying job. It starts at 7 (so waking up at 6 which is kinda of ok). But Im out of the office at around 3 so that nice... If I wouldnt be tired and sleepy by them. Its always a question of rhythm.
So I kind of continue my day doing stuff, or trying to do some of them but without any energy, interest or enthusiasm. And thinking back of my life in Ch I just try to realize if actually wasnt most of the time the same over there also. But cant cause I was doing shitty cool stuff at school also so that was kind of balanced.

When I came home I was locked on the inside. By mistake, and even after I succeeded to get it a sleepy mother welcomed my from her bed with "Im not getting up. See u tomorrow." I see that as a victory. She got used with me being away.

Here if I stop and stare and Im most likely sleeping.

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