Monday, June 23, 2008

Fourth sock monkey * updated

Made and send.

"Every happy end is a good beginning".
So lets make a circle and discuss about it.

This Hippie monkey was send to a far far land that has three main rivers and wonderful rye bread. Were a blond long hair environment activist and charmingly original girl lives in.
Will post pictures with my dear friend once see receives the monkey.

* And here they are

Till then pictures with the monkey and the stunning resemblance with her creator!!!

P.S. can not really write today. Guess Im still a bit drunk from yesterday celebration when Romania almost succeeded to win and Netherlands won so gracefully. On the other side:


u_v said...

this blond haired girl under a green brown hat (that looks more like a wool bag) because today the wind wants to take all her hair in unknown directions run today into boys on rollerblades (or roller-something) and bikes and whatever fast and slow vehicles just because she had to use all her eyes and smiles to read and read and read this brown package delivered by swiss post, bzw, the contents of it - these marvelous romantic harmony pinkish eyes of the hippie M and his gorgeous flexible arms and legs and tail and everything as well as everything on postcard and letter :) this girl is still happy and never wants to stop this circle. love. s. (without a camera, but trying to borrow one and send you both of us on it)

.raoul said...

cant wait to see the green brown hat and the golden hair shyly trying to escape from under it. And the clear eyes. and refreshing smile.

I wasnt talking about the hippie monkey but cant wait to see you to snuggling for a photo!!!

Missing making a circle with you!