Friday, July 18, 2008

life is wonderful

Now, I know that you my fans are screaming and leaving thousands of worrying comments on my blog. Yes, I am still alive. I came out of this period of hard working, intense networking and extended hopping borders to a short moment of respiro. Like 2 days. Starting now (I still have to update a hp though).

But the most important task is done. And I am proudly announcing it. My portfolio selected works is now online. As I am not really comfortable of going to public (not that when u google my full name my blog doesn't comes top of the list... ) but lets say that the online selected works have the same name as my blog. Just with another termination (which is not .com, .ch or .ro but a more net working... ahem, termination). So, there it is, I even have an professional presence on the net and now the clients and money will start flowing in... again... ?

But moving to more merry sights, when I was celebrating my professional digital coming out with my Pedro, my phone rings. Looking at the display I can not hold myself not feeling a bit guilty for not calling MOM. I answer and with half a voice I say "Hi..." but instead of hearing a flow of denigrating "what son do I have that doesn't call" I hear "I am sooooo happy, I got a new car, Mercedes, 2 seats, hard top cabriolet from my BF!". And Im driving a Ka, yeah...

After I share her joy and thinking that actually she deserves fully the nice toy, but also her boyfriend, I starting thinking that is actually really good news as I dont have to buy her anymore a small gift from Switzerland on the fair excuse that "how can I ever top the present from your bf" (if I start calling him daddy will I get one too?).
And as anyhow, principle wise, I dont really do "I been there so I bought you this shitty gathering dust souvenir" I move on to more selfish though "I been there so I bought myself something that I really really need" I decide to storm the internet forums and then the shops in holly search of a new camera. And to honor my lately drop dead, broken in my hand Lumix camera I bought the same model. Just a more updated one...

There. New portfolio, mom happy, new camera, Pedro hugging at night how can I not be happy?
Life is wonderful (when you have some money to spend) !

Now, lets look at my empty bank account...

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