Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the story of the Ka

Since I got my dear Ka I was thinking to just pimp it up "a bit". But as always when I design some shit for me the self expectations are so high that somehow, at the end, I dont really do it anymore. Especially if it is a personal thing (opposite like personal portfolio, personal visual identity and stuff like that) like my car, that probably will NOT summons thousands of clients throwing money at me and begging me to bless them with my creative, it takes a bit longer.
But as I have this post-it system that always remind me of the things I should do one evening I decided to just work on something that I really enjoy. And I remember that the last thing that gave me great pleasure while working was the Cloud Kingdom. That illustration was originally intended as a wall stickers but as it never saw the laser of the plotter I decided to use it on my Ka.
Long story short, in one long night I modified, improved and fitted the idea on "me" Ka (if you say that loud will sound like MIKA).
In 3 days was in production and before Annette could say in romanian "Una bere Ursus please!" the car was finished.

Well, I had the chance of driving it all pretty like that for around 3 days. After that Annette and I embarked in a small romanian tour and I left the Ka safely (so it seems) parked on the side road in front of the house.

Somewhere along the trip my mum calls and asks me were are the car papers. I indicated the place were they were and also that I have the Ka identity card with me. She didn't want to explain me the reason. A very good reasoning from her side. Now, in the Danube Delta, Annette had to deal with a Hyper Raoul which was endlessly repeating "A billionaire wants to buy my KA!!!!". I was already planning to buy a newer Ka and to pimp that one too. And sell it again. imagine the trend, the fame and money.

You barelly see a thing... ahem...

Next day, mums wakes me up to reality, she needs a copy of my and Ka's identity card. There has been an accident...

Thanks God with Annette's immediate support: "You dreams are dead! ah... and your car fucked. Guess that how some things happen".

To cut it short, again, my Ka was scratched on the while left side. Nasty marks, which will be repaired and pay by the innocent dumb woman that couldn't appreciate distances. "Guess that what some people do" Annette would candidly remind me.

The dumb part is that because I had limited space on my camera I deleted the pictures with the KA in its full glory. I retook the pictures but... please be gentle. The Ka is still sensible about the whole incident and Ka will not snap out of it till a full left face lift.

And I also need a nose job. Which is expensive. An important for my health (cause thanks God I have already the looks :P )

Sleep tight.

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AW said...

OH but we ARE impressed. Coffee this weekend?:D

.raoul said...

sounds great! when do u arrive?