Monday, September 15, 2008

just a phase ... ?

Today I saw on facebook a cute picture of a coworker hugging a huge bear. Like plusch fluffy cute teddy bear. "Ohhh how cute" was the natural reaction which I didn't even try to hide while in the office. Later today, while I was in the shopping mall walking briskly to get some more buttons for my sock monkeys I saw in a shop diplay some huge Teddy Bears. Now, I know that I past long time ago the age when its naturally to actually want a huge teddy bear to cuddle with it, and hug and squeeze it, but it kind of seemed otherwise a that moment and I started playing with the bears. Till I had to explain to the shop assistant that the bday of my nephew is coming up and I was just checking to see if there are no dangerous parts on this Teddy bear that my nephew could swallow (huge teddy bears actually could only harm you with their cuteness but I didnt think that would be worth mentioning it to the sales assistant).

Anyhow, left a bit sad and frustrated as I wanted to take one bear (all!!!) home but was thinking that would just be weird. While buying the buttons for the sock monkey (for the eyes) I realized I actually could build a HUUUUUGE sock monkey (and that one I would keep!)!! Which would be totally cute and people will think I'm just eccentric (that label fits me in Romania as a glove anyhow). Now the only problem was how to get so big socks.

Does anybody have the Gulliver's email or mobile phone number?

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joacadeamine said...

heyo. i've been reading your blog for some time now, but only today i decided i should add you to my blogroll. whoa!

you should consider not reprimanding yourself or refraining yourself either from your teddy bear fetish. i have one (one is the fetish, the teddybears are some 100+) and it simply pleases me how it gets me back in touch with my inner child. And of course, having a closetful of teddy bears makes me a freak, too.