Friday, November 14, 2008

Sapa . Vietnam

Tomorrow is Cari's birthday.

Our trip was a romantic one. We've met in Paris in Charles du Gaulle. We flew to the busy streets of Hanoi. We spend the second night in Halong Bay, sleeping on the soft rocking of a boat. We took the next night a sleep train wagon and we reached, through a labyrinth of gardens and stairs, our room overseeing the a wonderful valley of rice fields emerald mountains. He brought me ginger tea when I was laying in bed in the morning coughing my way out of a cold and he fought to get train tickets. We walked in the late afternoon the colorful markets and climbed to the hill of stone gardens. And in the evening we search a secluded restaurant. And we decided.

To split.

Cari turned back into Pedro. We turn to our owns paths to walk them alone.
But till then we were set to finish and enjoy our trip. And enjoy each other for the weeks we still had one others company.

Happy birthday, Pedro!

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natalia said...

foarte misto meniul si pozele. talentat artist.

.lulu said...

i'm sorry...maybe i shouldn't but makes me sad not to...