Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I dont do enough french (as after a month Im not able to write a petit post in french).
I dont spend enough time with my friends, or family.
I dont write enough emails.
I dont read enough about marketing.
I dont do enough tutorials.
I dont work enough on the new business idea.
I dont watch enough movies.
I dont go out enough.
I dont sleep enough.
I dont draw enough.
I dont illustrate enough.
I dont do any animations at all.
I dont research enough about Canada.
I didnt pay all my taxxes (but more than enough!!!)
I dont travel (by far!!!) enough.
I dont drink enough.
I dont flirt enough.
I dont have enough shoes.
I am not enough for myself.

1 comment:

Lma said...

you know what honny bunny? that's ENOUGH!!!!

pe bune! enough, i tell u...relax a bit! :-D