Sunday, February 22, 2009


I present to you the Sixtopus. Nr. 9 Sockmonkey (which didn't turn out to be a monkey).
Specially made for K_T to accompany her in her struggle to accommodate to her new habitat.

This monkey see's thru the buttons hand made by the local minority from Sapa Mountains, Vietnam, were warm hearted ladies would serve you with food, laughs, drinks and opium. For buttons you have to specially ask and, as a wacky tourist you might even get them.

Im tired but the Oscars were quite fair this year (Love you Kate, amazing Sean, wow India, I miss you and as for the long boring Benjamin Button good you found your rightful place ! >>> Its not about you dear Cate... ). Viola Davis would have deserved the Oscar for the supporting role but we cant have it all!
Was worth to stay awake. Now I need a double espresso. Pronto!

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