Monday, March 16, 2009

3 R's, less friends

Three R for 3 main reasons for a friendship to slowly parish.
Im not talking about a fight or a active decision but about those painful disintegrating processes of losing a friend.

I like to relate this to the fact that Im gay. I mean, its not like Im gonna marry and make kids any time soon (to be read like "never"). So I surely develop in another direction as my female straight friends (fag hags if you wish. And I say that with all the love in my heart!). It comes suddendly and... naturally. They meet the guy randomly and our tea conversations turns from the endless subjects of flirting, sex, movies, books, trips, parties and dogs to the habits of new found boyfriend and domestic chores. Plus they have to go home earlier cause boyfriend needs food and they can bent down to get it from the fridge.

Its a replacement for a relationship addiction so to say. But a bit more focused and dogmatic. But its not about my acceptance cause they have all of it (otherwise I would be a hypocrite and I wouldn't be better then the ones crashing planes into towers). But otherwise even I dont share your path, dont we still share the same tastes in the "trivial" matters of daily life? Neh?
Amen then.

Distance is distance. And they are few things that randomly happen with facebook, skype and msn. And all the other random things you are not there to experience with your friends.

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Lma said...

tRue daRling, but you must not foRget that theRe is yet anotheR "R" which definitely gaines you new fRiends, and that is the "R" from Raoul, cause you aRe just Ravishing and Radiant, sometimes Raw, but definitely RaRe; hopefully you will get Rich and live a RaptuRous life.... and that was just a Random Register of Rating Raoul :-p