Monday, May 11, 2009

"Piata Roosevelt"

Daunting, haunting.
A must see. It might be played only once again cause it scares the shit out of the "respectable" class of Timisoara. Or Romania for that matter. If till now I wasn't that much convinced of Afrim's genius, now he just overwhelmed my dreams and nightmares. So fight for a seat on the 03.06 for the official opening and maybe official closing of this exuberant emotional vision.

The new play directed by Radu Afrim and written by Lea Doher.


Anonymous said...

Dear Raoul ,
Sorry for you but i have to tell you that there are no such reasons regarding Piata Roosevelt
I live in Timisoara and i have to tell you that in this city mediocrity isn't am object of scandal.
Only for once in your life ,please admit that Mr. Afrim isn't a god among directors , and even him can do craps

.raoul said...

Opinions differ. I didnt like everything that Almighty Afrim did. But I liked very much Piata Roosevelt.
So, I will continue to recommend it with the same enthusiasm.

P.S The premiere will be on the 2nd June not on the 3rd.

Alin said...

After seeing this:
I'm not fitted for this kind of 'art'... still, I'm not a sensitive one.
For me, the play was purely grotesque, despite the remarkable performance of actors.

Some persons leaved during the play... maybe because of the language used.
It reminds me of 'Cidade de Deus'.

I wouldn't recommend it to my friends.