Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exit . output

Roughly the daily EXIT schedule.
09.00 wake up after couple of hours of sleep all sweaty, taking your sleeping back and trying to find a place to sleep in the shadow
12.00 waiting in line to get in the shower
13.00 slurping a fresh squeezed juice (oh, the heaven!!!)
14.00 flirting with the idea of eating (chinese or one of the to many gorgeous guys passing)
15.00 finding a place to lay in the shadow
16.00 smoking the first cigarette and thinking how lucky we are to find such a cool place
17.00 starting to read
17.01 sleeping with the mouth open
17.35 waking for a brief thought of how soft and comfortable is your bed, back home, and how ungrateful you are with it when your home
18.00 sleeping
19.00 sleeping
20.00 dreaming about having supernatural powers and vaporizing the drunken english chorus
21.00 moving back in the tent for another round of uncomfortable sleeping
21.30 dreaming about teleporting all the loud drunken english singers to the North Pole.
21.35 having a cold shower
21.50 looking at Selma doing her nails
22.30 looking at Selma doing her nails
22.49 looking pissed at Selma doing her nails
23.00 leaving the Exit village camping grounds
23.20 deciding "eh, fuck Moby, lets go and have a coffee at a bar"
00.00 getting a full body check up at the exit entrance festival grounds
00.05 "How the hell would we pass thru this crowds"
00.45 eating on live Prodigy
01.30 getting the wine
02.00 fighting the crowds
02.30 finally, the Dance Arena

Side note: yes, you can eat a piece of cake with a straw. Stretch it Rodica! (which is a phonetical variation of Happy birthday in serbian)

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