Thursday, July 23, 2009

Garana Jazz Fest

The problem is that the subject is over commented and exposed on my facebook account with photo albums from over 5 people. Oh wait. Did you had the impression I will talk about the event itself. Uff, Im not such a jazz fan or Udrea for that matter.

But over all it felt like a overprice village fest with people of all ages (and to many kids), with cold "langosi" (wikipedia it) and great music for the people that have a ear for "Shooby doo, papa pum, shooooo yeah".
On the other side I think I would have loved the Sunday shows if ... lets say I would have stay longer and would have been sober.

But the trip itself and the atmosphere was a continuous WOOOOOOOOOwing after the very energetic expression "PARTY SUPER PARTY!!!". Plus the adrenaline of moving tents at the midnight stroke from the water outburst of our idyllic little stream transformed in a monstrous river was just excelarating.


norbi said...

ok guys. so I'll make the review of the Fest on my blog because some of the people were not interested in the jazz, right? i'm jokin', I just want to say I'll have the extension pack for this post on my blog. if you're ok with this. :) Share is care right?

AW said...

You look very pretty:D