Monday, December 12, 2005


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To be viewed with QuickTime 7.0
Movie size: 12.4 MB

The movie above was specially designed for Plasma monitors (that explains the weird format).
The movie will be playing on the school internal Plasma monitors and homepages brainwashing the fellow students to the purpose of attracting them into my project (got already some interested but, as they say, the more the merrier!!!).

The original format of the movie 1338/768. Why?
The resolution of the Plasma monitors within the HyperWerk institution is 1024/768. So why isn't the movie that size? Because the plasma monitors are a bit... special, and they customly enlarge, blow up the images (computer input, pictures, movies etc) to fit its size. That means that the image is horizontally distorted. For example: a circle will look as an oval.

Because of that I made the movie bigger (1338 px) and then squeezed it down to 1024. That means that the movie is distorted already and then the plasma monitor will distorts it back. That way, the circle will be correctly displayed. Did you really got it now? (well, I didnt figure that thing by myself actually... all the credits go to friend of mine... Hiphiphuray for Mister M.!!)

Nevertheless, if u are a student, sponsor or just interested more about the .sub.tile project please scroll down.

* Turn the sound up and shake the... eerrr... well in this case there is no need for that. :)
** Apologize for the large size of the file but I didn't want to compromise to much on the quality.

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