Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Pig

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As Romanian tradition follows, a couple of days before Xmas, takes place a pig slaughtering to provide food for the entire family over the holiday seasons. This is not anymore a necessity .Nevertheless, the pig was specially bought and raised for this event.
As for the "Happy Pig" theme... Well, this was a term I only became aware (that it exists) in the Western Europe, as the pigs are raised with natural food, they can run free around villages (Eastern Europe) and have quite a good life compared with the pigs in the raised in the big slaughter farms and fattened with chemicals and limited to a concrete small environment (Western Europe).
But both of them, "happy" or "sad", come to have the same fate. Well, as all of us...

I will not draw a conclusion. The vegetarians did that already.

P.S. The dog, or other animals (besides the "happy pig") were not hurt during the process.


Owlmaster said...

great. The right movie 4 the cheerish x-mas days.
You can really feel the joy and happyness from tht "happy pig" (and if im not wrong, i even catched a glimpse of a smile on the "happy pigs"" face-
It might have thought.."Oh, how lucky i am, being stabbed to death just to be burned with some kind of flamethrower...(plz donmt forget that it looks really cold there)"
It had its life, it had its purpose and it had a lot of people around himself in his hour of death ( a thing a lot of old people would like to have in retirement homes)
It was really a "Happy Pig"
Merry X-mas

Plasma TV Center said...
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anonimu' said...

nasol ptr domnul porc!