Friday, October 13, 2006

Zurich Film Festival Day 5

The second last day saw only two movies. And Zurich, sunny and alive The first viewed was a German production called "The Swingers club" directed by Jan Schütte.

The story: a group of 5 friends (formed by a monogamous couple, an liberal couple and bachelor) discover, at the 5th marriage anniversary of Birgit and Albert, that they were cheater on each other which each other (as group of friends do, so nothing new there)... not letting anybody besides... so to say. The story gets more complicated when two other people appear and the story seems to get even deeper, deeper were some more lurking secrets slumber.
The movie was filmed in two afternoons (and I was amazed at The Big Bad Swim about 19 days…. puah) and there was actually no script. The actors were given the rough storyline and “go, go, my pretties and play” said the director. And look what
it came out.
The movie is funny, witty, the actors do a lot of improvising and fighting to get heard the most and get the Oscar. But over all I only remember one bit and plan to use on daily bases in the office, when they plan to give me (even) more work:
“Hast du nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank!?!?” .

The second movie was actually (and again) OneDotZero.
I talked about what ODZ stands for on an earlier entry. The compilation I saw this evening was “Extended play”.

Next entry: the big winners!!!!!!!

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