Saturday, October 07, 2006

Zurich Film Festival day 4

Zürich. The only city in CH that feels like a city. A train station that is never deserted. I think that will be my only regret upon living Switzerland. That I never been a part of Zürich.
But this week allowed myself to feel there at home. Participating every day to the movie festival, walking the same streets, discovering small comics shops, art cafes and street graffiti. All in one wrap and me standing, as a silent observer, with the popcorn in my hand wondering how will the next movie be while I was already having a "reality show" within the city crowded streets.

But how was the next movie?
Well, the next one was Little fish directed by Rowan Woods.

After a long fight against her drug addiction, Tracy (Cate Blanchett), struggles to bring sense in her life. She has a steady job at a video rental shop which she plans to transform and maybe to own it, to redeem her image in front of her mother, to become a responsible human being. But the ghost of the past won't let her go and she has to prove that she is strong enough to confront them.
The movie is a multilayered drama, full of small under goings, a web of lies that build up to an quiet end. Her way of accepting that, even if she can change, she can not change the past and her status.
Personally, I wasn't touch by the movie. Might be that I couldn't identify or maybe that I was not convinced then, right then by the story. I don't know. The movie just didn't speak to me. The subplot of the love story was dry and I just couldn't go over Hugo Weaving (playing Lionel) as an agent Smith in Matrix.
But there was someone's performance that kept me in my sit, and that was not Cate's but Noni Hazlehurst (playing Janelle, the mother).

I would grade the movie with 2/5. Sorry Cate.

The second movie for Thursday was actually a bundle of animations called Wow + Flutter presented under the logo of OneDotZero. its not the first one of their alternative artistic bundles.
But as I didn't really explain (because I didn't know...) in my previous post what is OneDotZero I feel the need of doing it now.
OneDotZero is festival at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and acts as a platform for short movies and animations. A touring gallery of international production within an international space with the purpose to promote new artists and sell DVDs. A change for all the imaginative talented geeks out there. As it is at its tenth anniversary OneDotZero became also a production factory. Well, more details on their website.
Over all, I am glad ODZ was part of the Zurich film festival. I saw shockingly and peacefully beautiful visuals that you only can dream that one day you, actually I mean I, will be able to produce by yourself/myself.

At the end of the show I was on my way to the train station when nature decided to amaze me with its simple Flow and Flutter ->

the trailers are only linked. The rights...

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