Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zurich Film Festival part 3

Back in Zurich after some intensive (and efficient) work in the morning. Passing thru Zurich just saw a group of police and I could stop thinking: "Wasn't me, was not me!" But, as I learned from last night, I did take a picture of them:

But back at the matter at hand: Zurich Film Festival.
I have to confess, I was expecting to this day, the highlight day on their play list:
The Illusionist, Short Bus, The fountain.

By now I only saw the first movie on my playlist, The Illusionist directed by Neil Burger and as cast Eduard Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel.

As a background we have Vienna, at the turn of the century, and centre stage a magician, a duchesse and a chief police inspector. Trying to escape the society and the rule of the crown prince, the two unconvincing love birds plan their last disappearing act under a close (both meanings apply) eye of the chief inspector.
The score supporting the movie is unmistakable compose by Phillip Glass. The only problem is that is so unmistakable that you have the impression is exactly the same one as the for "The Hours".
The story fails to convince, dipping itself in clisee's as classic flash backs, hands that loose the love grip, medallion with butterflies and butterflies and so on. Ok, we know Eduard Norton is a brilliant actor (based especially on Fight Club performance) and you can see that as he is the only one more real (even when he is suppose to be an Illusionist ... ?). But the rest of the cast... I mean cant all just have a bad hair... ahem... performance day, right? And then you start wondering... could it be bad stage directions?
I am incline to believe that.

Didn't get any voting card but I would give a 1/5. A big budget production and I would have like to skip it and see The big bad swim all over again!

The next will be ShortBus!!! directed by John Cameron Mitchell.

update: Now, I made a mistake of reading a viewer comment just before seeing the movie. As u do now reading mine. And I was warned that the movie its quite pornographic. "Quite" its a way to say it... Nevertheless, that never stood in my way.
The movie its about sexual liberation viewed and debated from a point of relations. Do this monogamy apply? Is it a sole relationship to entertain us enough in this era of walking movies, delerious entertainment at our finger tips and breathtaking effects. I deviated... The movie is about the sexual liberation. And I love it. And I was even confronted with. I don't want to say more. It is a must. For all you type of lifestyles, sexual orientation and metropolitan trifle.

Got a 5/5 for approaching the subject so trenchant.

And the The Fountain! I upload the trailers in advance

update: The creation of Darren Aronofsky. And I only know his work from the movie "Requiem for a dream" (thanks Lma). So in a way I didn't know what to expect from him, but I surely had very high expectations. And the movie met everyone of them.
Its a display of continuous explosions, emotionally and visually. Of wondrous photographical compositions, perfectly perspective mirrored, focusing on its centre stage. So perfectly image controlled that you learn from it.
And surprisingly, even the story makes sense. There is no bundle of philisophical religious concepts! Its the seed itself of world believes he decided to portrait! And sets it in a perfect circle as the happenings (even if there are dated 1500, 2000, 2500) as the beginning being the end and the end the beginning.
Reminds me visually of a snake biting its tail.
The performance its near to spotless as it doesn't let you leave the imaginary world Aronofsky proposes. I just want to see it all over again and again and again. To loose my breath again, to forget about the popcorn in my lap...
The music score its by Cronos Quartet (yes, we know that they worked with Phillip Glass, mentioned earlier on the same entry) and its blends perfectly. That will be a CD I buy. And that's very rare that I actually buy a hardcopy CD those days...

If I could vote would have got the 5. No a 5 but a 10!
And I was the lucky one, as I was in the 4th public around the world to view this movie!

I would like to thank to 01BAR for the hospitality, Ovomaltine and the internet connection (!!!).

The trailers are only linked. Copyrights and stuff don't belong to me!

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