Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yes, yes, I know. Should post some more. But just didn't succed to produce any videos that I could show (means not copyrighted to clients). U know. It takes a bit to make a crapy movie. Its digitizing, viewing, putting the shit together, viewing it, thinking its shit but it looks nice in your head, worrying cause you use copyrighted music, then thinking that they can sue because they can't take anything from you (cause u dont have anything mainly), then exporting, converting, seeing something you don't like, correcting, exporting, converting, upload to youtube, script it in blogger and writing a text which you have to correct because you make mistakes (the same as I live my life somebody was saying). And now compress all that in 2 hours cause you don't want to dedicate more to this blog. And it turns out that it took you around 6 and that anyhow you already work in the field and you already been 8-10 hours in front of your computer + 6 vlogging and you would prefer to drink a warm tea and obsess about somebody that its not really real. Or if he is real he is to far away (emotionally and not necessarily physically).

Take a breath.

Anyhu. My point is that I have a lot of material about Fassnacht and also cheesy material about Roughy (the doggie above) to make a couple of posts but I'm gonna do it when I will have time and I will take pleasure in it so till then I write this crappy text just to keep the visitors coming.
And I'm not gonna feel guilty about it cause I don't get anything out of it. Ok, maybe just a bit.

Nevertheless, if you get bored check my diploma project at versatilemedia.net. Just click the link and then the middle button

Furthermore I need a new subject to obsess about cause the old one its getting... old. So please, if you don't want cheesy posts about a mops (even if cute, nasty and vewwy litte :))) ) take mercy and share your obsessions with me.

And dont make me use my puppy eyes technique!

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Lma said...

hey! but i kinda like it when you use your puppy eyes technique! :)))

franck said...

the puppy is sooo cute! almost as adorable as you...

.raoul said...

blushing... not