Friday, March 02, 2007

Gugge, Wagge und Schnitzelbank

There it is. My last Carnival in Ch. I say that with a cheeky smile and looking on the up right side, as in the posters from an election campaign.
In each little village, backwoods or city half of the people dress up and start banging the drum. Its kind of cute cause its the only time of the year where you don't have the impression that you are in a efficiency driven country or in an old people home and you feel the ground under your feet shaking.

So, agreed, has its charm and relish.
But now, presenting, the two competitors of the Fasnacht Grande competition:
Basel versus Luzern

Basel its demanding!
Besides they demand to be recognized as the inventers of confetti (and I was thinking I was that when I was breaking the love emails from anonymous X, Y or Z. And by the way I filmed that one too... long time ago) they also pretend that they are the best. And as a inhabitant of Basel they almost oblige you to buy the Blaggedde, an Fasnacht badge. And they do it the friendly way... And I'm not referring at the old and the handicap which stay in the Railways and trams stop yelling "BLAAAAAAGGHHEEDDEEE", like gipsy selling antibabies. No. They are more clever than that. They actually use kids, and place them strategically around the city. Now, once you are a citizen, minding your own business, in your way to work... and they, they cruel little creatures, crawl behind you, with their small fists full of former love letters, jump meanly at you and stuff the parents frustration (love letters from parents) down your new, soft and yellow pullover.
Lucky in my case was differently, I also bought the Blaggedde (thanks to her). Never mind I was forgetting it at home. Damn, the day I decided to colour match my clothes and so change the jackets!

Anyhu. There are also positive sides of the event. The event last exactly 72 hours. To the second! (we are in Switzerland remember) Its starts at 4.00 am. At 4.0m, Monday, lights go out. A moment of silence and then. A very high note wakes ya up and u can say bye bye to your dream of dark cities and tall mysterious strangers. The piccolo flute its the signal, and after a couple of second hundreds of them can be heard all across the properly market route around the city. That is the morgenstraich. Flutes are only the beginning, drums are joining in and the lanterns start flowing like a smooth parade of Elves.

Later in the day, were the rain is pouring and there is some conspicuous source of light coming through the clouds you find yourself in the middle of the Cort├Ęge. And when you start being less afraid of the big big men with huge heads driven on high colourful platforms they start throwing confetti, flowers, oranges, sausages, bottles, candies, cheese, grandma panties. All aimed at you, naturally. The only word I was able to mutter was "Mommy...". Now you are suppose the catch this things. The organizers only have good intentions. But woa happa if you are gay and posses the special power of not catching things??? I would say its discrimination!

Before I forget. Basel Fasnacht its quite strict. I mean either you are in a band, where its easy to get in I think, or you should be a bystander. Its now like u can put a funny hat and join in. Neh, not really.

Would like to mention that the lovely, pretty girl holding so romantically yellow flowers and us covered in tempting red confetti its a total stranger. And no, I don't now if she got poisoned in a Thai restaurant a night before and hugged somebody's toilet.

But what about Luzern? Well, Luzern. I confess with shame, I have only seen the end part of the Carnival. But Luzern it is a bit more friendly. That means u can cover yourself with anything you like and and u can join the party. U are welcome. Nobody cares! Its party time!
But the costumes bring back memories a post of a fellow blogger. Its easy to meet there a Buzzy slutty maid Canadian Paris Hilton with a beheaded green witch doctor bunny holding an 60' TomatoHead Venetian gypsy driving an artnouveau beton robot. Well, that costume got "me" vote. I was also participating pretending I am Swiss. So dressed very practically warm. And wearing a hat. And that's rare.
The whole Carnival its more relaxed and in less organized good manner. And the Gugge music sounds better. And you get free hot snaps.

So if I would vote in favour of any of it I would vote for..... tadaaaaaaa (the suspense is killing me)... for... (its so hard to choose)... hmmm...
Walking in confetti. I like stepping on old love letters. Basel won!

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AW said...

Uau, Basel won? This means my toilet hugging and grumpy mood WAS impressive :D.