Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Swissies are not evil

I know I am bitter about the swissies. And sometimes maybe I have the full rights to be (neh...). As I can be also bitter about my own compatriots. I believe I can go on cursing also about Romanians the whole day long. And night.
But I only need one moment, when under flooding lights of a club I just look around and I smile. I smile cause I know I have great people around me. All dancing on some hip-hop funky beats in a place that is not appreciated for its looks but for its mood.
And I smile. 'cause I start to understand that I have this chance of being surrounded by cool people and learn from them, with them. Most of them students in the same "freaky" (but highly appreciated) institution as me, with totally different backgrounds: former radio hosts, current dj's, vj's , future designers, 3D freaks and interaction managers. Some of them studied to be journalists, jewellers, electricians, nurses, teachers and was so immer.

And then my heart grows bigger and bigger till... I decide to go home cause I'm to drunk.

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