Thursday, April 05, 2007

And then when I cant decide whether you should live or die you stun with the cheeky innocent smile and with the white powdery lights in your eyes. I missed you already in my imaginary sleeping heaven that your taint with your careless feeling of an immortal young God. Shimmer lights fly you away from my blazing sight and white covers of a back seat of my mind. And when prepared to

your rotten heart and give it to the hungry lusting mob
you stun



with the shy tattoo under your black tight sleeveless shirt. Inspiration to smell you body and to cripple it while filling as a quitter. Bow, me, the fool in front of the high man sitting next to my elbow, careless of the show in front and around him. Rip the heart, the
the confident arm hanging from the restless chest.
Rip the chest and my human mind projection.
And I cant decide whether you should live or die while you kiss you off
this lips of mine underneath you dirty grey eyes.
And I can not decide whether you should live or die,
hang your head and cry as I'm walking dead inside.
And I can not decide if you should live or


drunk with Scissor Sisters
and Ian McEwan "The comfort of strangers"

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