Monday, April 02, 2007

sleepy communicative fascination

I normally get bored in a work meeting. Not the bored type that dreams and doesn't pay attention but the bored "there must be something better to do than be nice with each other". But, if there wouldn't be any team meeting I would probably be the first one to complain. Its good to keep up even the tinniest shred of communication. If not you would probably spend the whole day at work wondering what's the name of your colleagues. As it is anyhow usual that I don't change a word with the colleague that works in front of me. We just didn't connect. For the last 4 years.
But nevertheless, while trying to suppress my culture and to embrace their's I got used with an exercise that still keeps me focus on the meeting, able to
just jump out and say "now, wait a minute, cause I agree with you" :P and not having to react to the jokes. That I can assumed a very slow heart rhythm, to minimize even more the human interactions so I'm not taken by surprise of a joke I don't understand, or just don't find funny. As the exaggeration "jokes of how funny we can be when we don't feel like to". (me so not wanna be negative!)
And then, I draw. no wait... I don't even draw. I just let the pen go where it wants and I pretend I actually concentrate on a abstract sketch. So I am
left alone. I feel like going in a hibernating faze from were I can intervene any time but where I am also safe of being suddenly happy and pretend that our team its one of the ever so cool.

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