Sunday, May 13, 2007

treasure hunt!!!!

GPS. checked. Phone. checked. 2 maps, printed indications, camera, kinder surprise toy. checked. motivation. double checked. wallet, bottle with water, all there. Jump on my bike, enter the GPS data and goOoOoOoOo to find treasures.

Now, this is a game for big kids like me. Its call geocaching and it goes like this. Somebody hides a container with a log book, a couple of object like: paper pin, pen, sun cream, music cd, maps, spoon, bag of tea etc etc etc. That somebody goes then quickly on the net and writes down the coordinates and one or two tips about the location and then... tadaaa its out there in the world. You go on this site. Search a cache near you or wassoimmer, enter the coordinates on your gps and go and search for it. Once u find it, u make a picture, open the box, enter the log, take an object of your interest and leave one. That's it.
Easy peasy.

So they say.... grrrr...
Highly motivated I left home. The cache I choose was maybe tops 30 min bike ride to a forest near Basel. Had in my mind vissually part of the way which I know from previous explorations around the town. Till I got to Binningen. Its kind of suburb/village of Basel in which I never been before. Very confident I take the gps and observe: 30 km till destination... hmmm... cant be. Should be around 5. Nevertheless, I go forward, download the map of location. After half an hour: 30 km to destination and the GPS was guiding me somewhere far away from the Rhine. Hmmm... I take the maps, open them wide, take the printed paper with location, enter again the coordinates. Hmmm... the map is showing me something else....Hmmm... Nevertheless, must be my very bad orientation skill. So I kind of follow the GPS signal for another 15 minutes till I arrive near the highway... ahem... 30 km to destination. Now, I feel stupid. Should be a simple location and the way clear.
What do I do wrong? Am I that stupid? I start getting confused on maps. The monitor on the gps is to small. I also feel small and lost. Frustrated in the middle of passing cars. And I decide to
give up.
Forget it.
Enjoy the bike ride between the degreasing breathable air.
And to boost up my moral I just guess the way to the railway and gumble down a big ice scream. Not good for nothing .raoul! Shame on you.

By chance I had also printed the coordinates of the railway, and out of purecuriosity I decide to enter them. I mean I am at the railway so its like putting the coordinates of the same place were I am. The monitors blinks: you have 30 km to destination.!?!?!?!
My next impulse was only natural. To put gently the little GPS box down and start jumping on it. I stopped myself in the last possible moment.

So, there, my escape in the moments I can not blame my mother. Blame the technology!!!

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