Monday, June 18, 2007

earthquake Basel

Last night, around 03:00 am a 6.9 earthquake on the Richter Scale was registered.
The epicenter was the area of University Hospital Basel and had collapsed half of the Women Hospital, destroyed the University Library report news agency Interworld Flash.
A gas pipe exploded in the Basler Rathaus and destroyed the forth teen century Artwork. Because of the strong wind the fire caught up to the newly restaurated M√ľnster and damaged the surroundings artnouveau structures and the Administrative Palace. Further damages were also done at the Turm Messe, were most of the glass work was damaged due the impact. The damage is calculated at around three billions Swiss francs but the Swiss authorities.
The Basel fire squad, the builders, artist and metal unions were summoned and till 06.15 in the morning, following the emergency plans the city was efficiently rebuild.

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